When Souls Awaken: 'The Course'

A purpose driven self-guided program
to enhance self-awareness

Understand your purpose

Videos, audio, exercises, meditations and more

Have great company

The best companion for spiritually lonely days

Gain mental and spiritual knowledge

Helping you progress on your spiritual path

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What's the When Souls Awaken course about?

Look at this short course introduction video

Course Preview

Check out some video preview samples of your course lessons here. A course designed to help you awaken the spirit within. With lessons, exercises, quizzes, guided meditations, poetry and much more. Let us take you on a journey of self-discovery and awakening.

Stay sharp with Our Enlightening Training

Teaching you life-changing skills and paradigm shifting concepts

Pieter annd Jenna

This self-guided course offers 64 video presentations; 21 quizzes; 10 guided audio meditations; 10 awareness exercises and more…..

We share a ton of great audio meditations, with guided journeys to help you meditate and improve your mind and inner life. Free audio book of ‘When Souls Awaken’ included.

Your hosts Pieter Elsen and Jenna Iantorno Elsen have years of experience as Michael Newton life between lives regression therapists and yogis and share exercises and teachings to help you progress on your path. 

What Our Students Have to Say

After listen to the audio book of 'When Souls Awaken' I wanted something that would help me apply some of the teachings I leaned there. This course is IT!
From Raleigh, USA
Very grateful to have done this course. Thank you. I still daily listen to the audio tracks you have included. These are very helpful to keep my mind in a good space.
From Taiwan
Thanks Pieter and Jenna for this great course. It is helping me on a deeper level. I love how it references to the book and how you make things more clear and practical in the classes. Kudos.
From New York, USA
An awesome addition to the book and kind of a must-do. It's one thing to read, yet a completely different thing to apply these things in ones life.
From Newport Beach, USA